Let’s Play The Blame Game..

I really don’t understand people who fail to realise what the real problems are these days. I’m on about the people that do something but have the nerve to blame other people for something they did, in which they haven’t opened their own eyes to. Imagine, on numerous occasions, I’ve had moments with one particular person and had rows and arguments, which have even taken a whole day just to get through to them and show them what really happened. Ridiculously long to me when something so small shouldn’t even take longer than an hour maximum but for it to take over a day to sort out is just dumb.

I’m the sort of person who knows when they’re in the wrong and can rightfully put my hand up and admit it. I won’t argue with someone and try to shift the blame on anyone else when I’m the only one that’s responsible for it. I’d rather be honest about it. But with this particular person, it takes so long for them to realise what they’ve done, that it really pisses me off and I have no choice but to say "Ok, sorry!" just to end the argument in which I’m somehow being blamed for, despite it not being my fault at all and this is only done because I truly value the relationship and I can’t bare having to go another day with more bullshit happening. I shouldn’t have to be doing that but because it’s like I’m having fingers pointed at me, I don’t really have an option but to do so. They don’t know that but unless they’re reading this, they now know and I hope that they realised this from the past or realise what is going on and the cause of it. Because I shouldn’t have to apologise once again for another moment like this.

I’m not the one to argue over small things. Only kids cry over spilled milk (spoiled or spilled, whatever it is), as I say and we’re grown adults. I don’t know of any other adult that can’t see the the root of things (especially when I’ve shown and explained to them several times), who would try place the blame on another person and say that "it’s all your fault, you’re the reason why we’re like this" etc. or that is so hard to get through to. I’ve only known kids like that.

It’s childish, if you ask me. I don’t know. Maybe some people are just hard to deal with and don’t know how to handle ‘being blamed’ for something they have done. Even if you’re not blaming them but just saying, they’ll take it the wrong way as if you’re blaming them and are quick to attack.

Blame me for breaking someone’s heart, if I’ve actually done something for someone to feel heartbroken (which I do not want to do), and I will admit it. But I would only flip if I was falsely accused of something I haven’t done. I can and should only take the blame for something I actually did. But this person really needs to see what I’m trying to say without reacting to things with such a hype that it’s pretty much ruining what is suppose to be a festive period.


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